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SAS Alumni Testimonials

“The rigors of the SAS curriculum made my high school to college transition less daunting. SAS arms you with an arsenal of knowledge, problem solving strategies, and maturity. Most importantly, SAS and college both demand your utmost dedication and commitment. You will be ready for the next step immediately upon graduation. SAS taught me how to think logically. My teachers helped me discover the various conceptual frameworks and critical thinking skills that now help me solve complex problems. In retrospect, my SAS experience was definitely worthwhile.”

Gabriel Lopez
School for Advanced Studies Class of 2007
Dartmouth College Class of 2011

“School for Advanced Studies has helped me tremendously, and to this day, I still use the learning strategies and study skills that were taught at SAS. The dual enrollment and Advanced Placement courses I took during my two years at SAS truly prepared me for the academic rigors of Emory. SAS also taught me how to effectively communicate with my professors as well as how to balance my academic and social life. Many of the lessons that my freshman classmates are learning at Emory, I learned while in high school!”

Angela Angulo
School for Advanced Studies Class of 2008 Emory University Class of 2012

“School for Advanced Studies provided me with increased independence and college-level academics which made my transition to the university much easier.”

Samantha Toro
School for Advanced Studies Class of 2008
Brown University Class of 2012

“Deciding to attend School for Advanced Studies was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Academically, SAS gave me the edge over my peers and has the eye-catching appeal that admissions officers look for in prospective students. The amazing faculty and staff at SAS will also provide you with the skills necessary to successfully complete the transition between high school and college. School for Advanced Studies provides you an opportunity unlike any other school in the county which is why semester after semester alumni, like myself, always have the urge to stop in for a visit.”

Mikaela Moore
School for Advanced Studies Class of 2008
University of Florida Class of 2010

“There are so many words that can be used to describe ones experience at SAS but they seem to fall short. I am currently a second year pharmacy student at the University of Florida at the age of 20. All my classmates are over the age of 23, and let me tell you they seem to be having a harder time coping with our very demanding schedule than I am. I more than anything appreciate the fact that as a junior in high school I learned to interact with adults in the college setting which has allowed me to make very interesting professional relationships now. I am one of the leaders in our college and am also involved in the State pharmacy association. I am very grateful for what SAS has given me as far as education in the classroom and in the real world.”

Victoria M. Montoya
School for Advanced Studies Class of 2006 University of Florida College of Pharmacy-Gainesville

“At SAS, I learned time management very well! Many of my friends who went to UF after graduating from a traditional high school had a harder time with time management. By attending SAS, I gained confidence that I would do better as a full-time college student since I was used to doing nearly that and AP credits at the same time. I also was more prepared for my classes. I was so ahead in credits that, already this summer, I am applying to veterinary school. I’ve also been invited to do volunteer projects in Costa Rica this summer and a Vet Teaching program at UC-Davis. Thank you for such a great opportunity!”

Anaelys Concepcion
School for Advanced Studies Class of 2008
University of Florida

“Out of all the choices I have made in my life, going to SAS was, by far, the best decision that I could have made. SAS, to me, was more than just taking difficult classes and studying hard; it was an experience that taught me that sometimes it’s better to push yourself as far as you can go instead of just coasting through and getting by. The skills that I’ve gained from going to SAS not only helped me in college, but are now guiding me in my career and other aspects of my life. Even after graduation, I still discover new tools that I gained somewhere along the 2 year road at SAS.”

Cliff Raiman-Poker
School for Advanced Studies Class of 2007
Florida International University

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